TPS Turku VS Vaasan Sport (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
TPS Turku VS Vaasan Sport (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

TPS Turku VS Vaasan Sport (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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September 12, 2017 15:30 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR TPS Turku VS Vaasan Sport

The offer continues to give us many games from a wide range of leagues, but we will focus our attention on the Finnish first league and we will look at the confrontation between Turun Palloseura and Vaasan Sport. The dispute will take place at 15:30 on HK Areena, and the most important information of the match will be found in the ranks below.

TPS Turku News

The Turku team had a rather shy season, but they showed signs of improvement in the game. After several attempts by Kalle Kaskinen to coach, I think he has found the ideal formula and the team has a constant level of play throughout the game. A clear demonstration of the Turku team’s power is provided by the very last match they played when they won a fully-fledged victory over Tappara. Experienced black and white players like Tomi Kallio and Eric Perrin are adapting to the changes made by Kale Kaskien, and with the young Jasper Lindsten’s force, the team becomes lethal to any of their opponents in the championship.

TPS Turku VS Vaasan Sport STATS

In this game the difference will be made first of all by the team of the two teams, the hosts having a more experienced team and familiar with the high caliber matches. The youngsters at Vassan Sport have the potential but they can see that their style of play is a chaotic one and they do not have an iron hand to temper them. Indeed, the Vassa team can mess up many teams, but I do not think that will happen in today’s confrontation.

Vaasan Sport News

The modest team in Vassa will need a new strategy to cope with hosts in Turku. With a decent start to the championship, the vultures managed to win a win in the first two rounds of the championship, winning against the Pelican. In my opinion, the dispute between Vassan Sport and Pelican at Lahti does not provide a meaningful picture of the shape of the Vassa team because the Pelican has undergone important changes in the team. A match that will give us a more accurate picture of the eagles is given by the game against them against Lukko where it was seen that their game was a very disorganized one and the team from Vassa simply rushed over the opponents without having an attack plan, leading to a clear defeat.

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