Strasbourg VS Chalon/Soane ( BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Strasbourg VS Chalon/Soane ( BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Strasbourg VS Chalon/Soane ( BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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June 19, 2017 18:30 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Strasbourg VS Chalon/Soane

In the finals of this year’s play-off of the French ProA League (LNB) play second-placed Chalon / Soane (27-7) and fourth-placed Strasbourg (23-11), and the result after three matches played is 2-1 in favor of Chalon. The series is played in three victories, and the host and fourth match is Strasbourg. Both teams have only one championship title so far

Strasbourg News

Strasbourg was champion only in 2005, but for the fifth consecutive time played in the French play-off final. However, they lost all four final finals – one was better Nanterre, twice Limoges and last season Asvel. Against Asvell they won the first two matches on their field, but then, they lost all three of the following, and the winner’s celebration had to be watched on their parquet. It was also the reason that, after five years, they had dealt with Coach Collet, but who, after only two victories in six matches with Dettmann, returned again.

Chollet managed to wake up the team and introduce them into the play-off, and again through Pau Orthez (2-1) and Asvela (3-2), again into the finals. Interestingly, they were losing both domestic and first two matches against Asvell in the semifinals, but they got the remaining three and placed in the finals. Against Chalon they do not have the advantage of home court, but they got an uncertain second home away and return home with a 1-1 ratio. However, the third match lost 70:71 and now they have to fight in their field for the victory that leaves them in the title game. Slaughter with 17 points was the only two-digit.

The likely initial composition of Strasbourg: Walker, Slaughter, Howard, Travis, Jaiteh

Strasbourg VS Chalon/Soane STATS

Chalon, unlike the host, who only had one double-digit player, had in the third game four players with a two-digit number of points. In the end, they seem to have used the fear of the victory of Strasbourg. They received a match in which they lost with 10 points difference, and only once, in the finish, they were led with a point difference.

Chalon/Soane News

Chalon won the last and only time title in 2012, but then only one match played in the final, where they were better than Le Mans. It was also the most successful season in the history of the club, in which they won both cup trophies. And then they won the championship title after they, like this season, finished the regular part elsewhere. They lost only one match to the finals, with Le Portel (2-0) and Paris (3-1). After losing the second match in their field, it seemed that they would lose their title.

Especially after Strasbourg had a minimum lead and a third in the third match, but he was dismayed by Nzeulie, seven and a half seconds before the end, he picked up the ball after the failure of Ntilikin under his basket. Nzeulie ran across the pitch and with the sound of the siren shot from an almost impossible situation, he scored two points and won. He finished with a total of 11 points. The most effective with 20 points was Roberson.

The likely initial composition of Chalon: Roberson, Nzeulie, Harris, Clark, Fall

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