Spain vs Slovenia (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Spain vs Slovenia (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Spain vs Slovenia (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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September 14, 2017 18:30 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Spain vs Slovenia

If we were in favor of a match between Slovenia and Latvia, it is a pity that is being played in the quarterfinals, then it is even more a shame that Spain and Slovenia meet in the semifinals, because these two teams have no defeat. Spain has won four in six EP matches.

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In the final, Spain, in spite of the poor entry into the match (0-7), finally won Germany 84:72. They had only the lead in the second part of the 2nd period, but they broke the resistance of the Germans towards the end of the 3rd period. They scored with 12 points difference and they did not give up the advantage anymore, and in the 4th period they led with 17 differences and routinely brought the match to an end. They simply play as much as they need to win.

Gasol brothers again were the team’s engine, but this time it was better – Marc. He scored 18 points in the 3rd period and scored four “trophies”, and the match ended with 28 points, 10 rebounds and four assists. Pau scored 19 points and four rebounds. They defeated Navarro (no points), Rubio (2) and San-Emeterio (3), which will have to be better if they want to enter the finals and defend the title.

Probable starting lineup of Spain: Rodriguez, Rubio, San Emeterio, P. Gasol, M. Gasol

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Spain won medals in the last five EPs and played four times in the finals (three gold, silver and bronze). We are not sure that he will play in the third final in a row, because Slovenia plays in the trance. “Furia”, although still powerful, has already played her best games. Slovenia got the last mutual duel on the EP (2013, in Slovenia). We are tipping a handicap to Slovenia.

Slovenia News

Slovenia sent home the most effective team in the tournament, Latvia (91.6), and now they are the second in the number of points scored (89.7). It was a fantastic match, where we saw 200 points for the first time at the Eurobasket. Slovenia took with 15 points difference (30:15), but the advantage was dropped. When they took the lead again at the beginning of the second half (57:55), they were no longer dropping.

Bekovi Doncic (27 points, nine rebounds, one assist and blockade) and Dragic (26 points, eight assists and six rebounds) were again the best, but without Randolph (16 points and nine rebounds), Prepelic (17) and Vidmar (9 points, six rebounds and four blocks) could not get a Latvian. They won the second semi-finals deservedly (in 2009 they lost to Serbia after the end of the game).

The probable initial composition of Slovenia: G. Dragić, Dončić, Čančar, Randolph, Vidmar

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