Serena Williams vs Maria Sharapova – 09.07.2015

Serena Williams vs Maria SharapovaSerena Williams faces Maria Sharapova, or the other way around! Semifinals at Wimbledon!

Maria Sharapova is about to face her worst nightmare for the semifinals at Wimbledon, a nightmare called Serena Williams.She already knows it will be a very difficult task to handle a match of this caliber against Williams. She was very close to having as opponent, the one she had several times defetead in the past, Victoria Azarenka, a player that would of made things easier for the No.4 seeded, Maria Sharapova, as Serena Williams had started the match against Azarenka, having a first-set deficit, which the champion left in the shadows as adistant memory, winning the game by 3-6,6-2,6-3. So here she is, aspecting her respected opponent, Maria Sharapova, fighting for a place in the Wimbledons Final.

Serena Williams has 16 matches against Sharapova, in a total of 16 encounters, 12 of them happening since 2012. This makes it totally understandable for Sharapova to fear her better ranked colleague and is also the reasons of a tacit rivalry between the two. All this doesn`t mean that Sharapova herself isn`t a fearsome opponent, she`s a very valuable player, they both are, both have won trophies of Grand Slam, around the world, in the last decade, at least. It`s highly unlikely to see Sharapova getting on the side of winning against Williams, the younger sister, but it would be for the first time, since 2011, when Sharapova qualifies for the final, at Wimbledon.

If we take a look back, we can record a 26 winning streak at Gran Slam competitions, 21st Grand Slam trophies and a lot other more spinning results, in favour of Serena. All this together make the delight of watching this kind of match between this kind of players. It almost seems like the longer Serena continues to win against sharapova, the mor interesting things get between them. It`s almost a funny fact, that Sharapova is very capable of winning all sorts of competitions, as long as she doesn`t have to face Serena Williams, who has become some kind of commander over Sharapova`s efficiency and performance.

The Russian is expected to lose today, but how long can the streak go on? Sometime, it will break, at some point, maybe today, even if for Sharapova it wouldn`t be a great great loss, but Serena has things to win and steps closer to completing the Serena Slam or maybe a historic Grand Slam series.

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