Serena Williams vs Garbine Muruguza – 11.07.2015

Serena Williams vs Garbine MuruguzaFearsome Serena Williams faces promising youngster Garbine Muruguza at the Wimbledons Final!

It happened as we predicted, the 17th victory over Maria Sharapova of Serena Williams and it didn`t take long, just an hour and 18 minutes. The US champion, who has already won for 6 times the All Englands Club, it`s for he 25th time that she`s in a final of a Grand Slam tournament, unlike her opponent today, Garbine Muguruza, 21 years old from Venezuela.

When she was a junior her idol was Serena Williams herself and Pete Sampras. She began playing tennis at the age of three, back then she wasn`t dreaming of playing her maiden Grand Slam against her idol, at Wimbledon, but here she is, on grass, a surface that she disliked in the past. She is also the first Spanish woman to reach the Wimbledon singles final since 1996, when Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario made it so far and in 1994 Conchita Martinez won the trophy at Wimbledon.

For Muruguza will be the first time she`s in a Grand Slam final and I`m afraid this is as far as she can go. I really can`t imagine Muguruza defeating Serena Williams, who is missing seven more US Open titles and she`d reach 22 Grand Slams equaling Steffi Graf`s performance.

I think Serena Would of been much more relaxed facing Sharapova in the final, Muguruza is a flourishing player with a very promising future, she has a strong and slightly agressive style and above all these things, we must remember she has already defeated Williams once, last year at the French Open. She`s mentally set for the challenging Serena, she`s quiet confident and she knows she has to remain calm and focus on the game.

It`s not very often Serena gets defeated at this point in a competition of grand slam, and she`s obviously the favourite of the encounter today, but she will face a young, full of energy, determination and talented player who is capable of playing great tennis so either way, it will be a thrill to watch.

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