Serbia vs Sweden (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Serbia vs Sweden (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Serbia vs Sweden (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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January 14, 2018 17:15 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Serbia vs Sweden

After the first round matches, both teams were definitely disappointed because they suffered defeat, but Serbia played against hosts, and this defeat was somehow expected, while Sweden played against Iceland and were absolute favorites. For Serbia, the championship starts only from this game, and for Sweden this is a match that determines whether they will continue to champion after the group phase. At the 2012 EP when Serbia hosted, they celebrated against Sweden at 24:21, while before that, in two SP, Sweden defeated Serbia.

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Serbia has lost the first match in this championship, but it is no surprise that they played against the hosts of Croatia and it was clear that the outsiders had to make better use of the fact that the host was under pressure and wanted a great deal to win. Only in the first 20 minutes Serbia played well and the result was then in the ego, and then they ended up in the first half, so there were five differences on vacation, and in the second half that difference doubled.

The first name of this selection was P.Nenadić, and he was the most effective with six goals, but most achieved when the match had already been resolved. Positive surprise was Zelenovic from the right exterior, which had the maximum effect, though from that position it was expected that the first name would be Vujin. All the others were defeated, including goalkeys that almost did not have the real effect. It is obvious that this selection still lacks players such as M.Ilić, Rnić or Stojković on the position of the club.

Serious startup of Serbia: Cupara, N.Ilić, Šešum, P.Nenadić, Zelenović, Radivojević, Marsenić

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The question is what selection is best recovered from the initial defeat, and Sweden is the answer to us. The Swedes have a selection that can do something on this championship, while Serbia is still limited and it has been seen in the first round. That is why we predict the victory of Sweden and this may even be without some uncertainty.

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Sweden is certainly more disappointed because they played against Iceland, which was declared an outsider in this group and the Swedes should have scored the first points. Instead, they were completely disappointed and suffered a defeat that did not seem to be a result, but when all the events on the field are known, the final 24:26 is still acceptable. They lost the Swedes and with nine goals difference and only in the finish they mitigated this. Much more was expected from the selection that remains the most successful when European championships are concerned.

The last time they made the score was worth the gold medal in 2002. They hope that this championship can mark the return of Sweden to the very top, but as they began, there seems to be nothing to do with it. Appelgren scored well, especially in the second half, however, they were downplayed by the players of the outer line, who had a poor percentage of the shot, while the wings did not have too many opportunities. Now they have to change everything, if they do not want to finish their performance at this championship after the group phase.

The probable initial composition of Sweden: Appelgren, Tollbring, Jeppson, Gottfridsson, Jakobsson, Ekberg, J.Nielsen

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