Richard Gasquet vs Novak Djokovic – 10.07.2015

Richard Gasquet vs Novak DjokovicRichard Gasquet faces Novak Djokovic, Wimbledon semis!

Richard Gasquet, No. 21 seeded, after a long and cumbersome 6-4,4-6,3-6,6-4,11-9 victory over Stan Wawrinka, No. 4 seeded, declared it was his “best victory “, gaining this way a spot in the semifinals at Wimbledon and he`s very pleased with the result, who wouldn`t be!?

Now he will meet Djokovic to establish if he`ll go further or this is the final stop for him at Wimbledon, this year. The last and only time he reached the semifinals in England, was eight years ago, when he was sent home by Roger Federer, No.1 back then. Gasquet declared the other days that he`s already prepared for the match against Djokovic and he plans on playing “agressive and very agressive” , he said, considering he can`t afford to let Djokovic controll him.

He seems to have a very positive and confident thinking, he set his mind on winning the match and will need to “win this guys in semis”, he said. In the last match against Wawrinka he demonstrated a great mental strenght and with the occasion he also settled an older friendly rivalry between him and Wawrinka, from back in 2013.

About Djokovic, he should be kind of relaxed, considering he`s about to face a much “easier” opponent, Wawrinka ould of be obviously the more difficult task to manage. Novak won everything he could win in other past encounters with Gasquet, a total of 13 also not long ago, Djokovic dissmised him in Parins in the fourth round, result that sent the No.1 in a quarter-final against the well known, six time winner at Roland Garos, Rafael Nadal, who saw of in straight sets.

In comparison to Paris, where he was blooming after every success, every round and he was speaking about being in the best place of his career, he doesn`t seem very excited or happy now, at Wimbledon, even if he hasn`t got anything but success until now. But we already now he`s a man who takes it step by step, match by match, he`s on his secure way back to glory. People trust him and his hard work, his discipline and tenacity speak for themselves and we know that Wimbledon is very important to him. He remains the favourite “piece” for todays thrill!

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