Rhein-Neckar Lowen VS PPD Zagreb (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Rhein-Neckar Lowen VS PPD Zagreb (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Rhein-Neckar Lowen VS PPD Zagreb (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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October 12, 2017 20:00 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Rhein-Neckar Lowen VS PPD Zagreb

The common one for these two teams is that they are the champions of their countries, with the Bundesliga naturally incomparably stronger, and that they have played two draws in the Champions League so far. All the rest was on the side of R.N Lowen, who, in addition to the two teams, scored two more victories, while Zagreb scored two defeats. In the Bundesliga, Lowen have only one defeat and the second place, as well as Zagreb in the regional SEHA league. Last season these teams also met and both times celebrated the host, with Zagreb being more convincing

Rhein-Neckar Lowen News

For now, all the expectations when the champion of Germany is concerned and defeated are only once in the derby near Flensburg, which is no surprise. All the other matches in the Bundesliga have been solved in their favor, six in total, and some duels have got really convincing. Something more difficult was expected to go against Kiel, but there was not any uncertainty, for example, the most pleasant surprise of the Bundesliga, the Hanover team, declined 35:23.

After that, still a convincing triumph over Huttenberg, and in the Champions League against Kristianstad in the guests. It was 35:23 and so they came to a second win, and twice remixed, against Barcelona on home ground and Nantes away. Credible victories have lately given some chance to some players from the second plan, which they use to the maximum, but now we expect the match to begin to strike.

Probable initial composition R.N Lowen: Appelgren, Sigurdsson, Rnić, Schmid, Petersson, Groetzki, Pekeler

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The host is a favorite in this tour, but it should not be forgotten that Zagreb has been playing well in Mannheim lately and is a hard nut for the “Lions”, and now we do not expect the German champion to be so convincingly celebrated.

PPD Zagreb News

Zagreb is still waiting for the first win in this year’s edition of the Champions League and it’s not a surprise, but twice they were really close and both times they had to satisfy the draw. First at Kristianstad, where they had the advantage and dropped out, and in a dramatic finish they could win and lose. Against Vardar and Pick Szeged they could not do much and those matches were easily lost, while they received Wisla in the last round and a drama was again seen in the finals in which they scored in a draw for the last ten seconds.

Interestingly, 28:28 was again 28:28 and that Zagreb had the same number of goals in all four matches. The first name of this team so far is definitely left external Mandalinić, who is regularly the most effective and practically the most deserving for all the good they have done. Against Wisla, the goalkeeper Jump was excellent, while others only glanced occasionally. Pavlovic’s middle outer and the outer Miklavcic are still missing, which is a special handicap, because Vuglac is now lonely, as veteran Zarkovic has just arrived, missed the match against Wisla.

Probable initial composition of PPD Zagreb: Skok, D.Marković, Mandalinić, J.Valčić, Vuglač, Horvat, Vori

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