Panathinaikos vs Barcelona (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Panathinaikos vs Barcelona (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Panathinaikos vs Barcelona (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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January 11, 2018 19:00 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Panathinaikos vs Barcelona

Former Champions of Euroliga, Panathinaikos and Barcelona open the 17th round of Euroleague. PAO is 11-5 in the third, while Barca is 6-10 at 12 and currently has two wins away from the play-off position, which they did not make last season. The boat in the duels leads 20-11, and in the last eight editions they met each season and played 23 matches, of which Barca got 16

Panathinaikos News

Panathinaikos is currently better placed but I can not praise that last season had a lot of success against Barce. True, they got the last two duels in their field, but before they lost four. They were also defeated in the 3rd place at the F4 tournament in Istanbul 2012, which was the last final tournament they took part. It is encouraging that this season in the field did not lose any match and have all eight wins. In the last lap they also received Anadolu Efes (90:79).

Calathes recovered the best, who, after losing three matches, returned 17 points and returned nine assists and caught three rebounds. He has 13.8 points and eight assists first team name, followed by 10.3 points Rivers and Gist. In the home league, Koroivos and 11-0 held the first position in the final round. Only a miracle can happen in the playoffs not starting from the first position, because Olympiacos and Lavrio lag behind three wins.

Belief in Panathinaikos: Calathes, Denmon, Lojeski, Gist, Singleton

Panathinaikos vs Barcelona STATS

Barcin coach Alonso is increasingly giving the opportunity to the players who were initially in the second round-Tomic, Vezenkov, Navarro … They use it abundantly and it is questionable whether they will use the services of the powerful but also the slow Seraphin at this meeting. However, this would not be smart, since the host under the pot has strong Gista and Singleton. We name a handicap in Barcelona.

Barcelona News

Barcelona broke a series of five Euroleague defeats with a visiting triumph at Khimkiyya, and Russian liaison teams confirmed them in the last round home against CSKA (85:72). Heurtel with 12 points and eight assists was the best, and the most effective was Koponen with 13. Pressey and Serphin, who scored 24 points with the best wins in the first round this season against the PAO (98:71), did not enter the game. Seraphin scored 12.1 points and 4.9 rebounds first team, while Heurtel scored 9.7 points and 6.7 assists.

Seraphina was not in the last round of the Spanish Endesa League, where they lost 89:82 away in the Betis side and with a score of 11-4 and three victories less than the leading Real kept the second position. 17 points and Heurtel with 14 points and eight assists were the best against Betis. Barca scored 81 points for the third best EL attack (gaining 78.5), while PAO scored 78.4 (receiving 75.5 points). Barca are in a series of five consecutive victories in both competitions, and from PAO they are better in the jump (36.5-31.9), assistances (21.4-16.1) and total index (92.2-83 , 1).

The likely starting line-up of Barcelona: Heurtel, Koponen, Hanga, Moerman, Tomic

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