Le Portel VS Paris-Levallois BETTING TIPS (05-05-2017)
Le Portel VS Paris-Levallois BETTING TIPS (05-05-2017)

Le Portel VS Paris-Levallois BETTING TIPS (05-05-2017)

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May 05, 2017 18:00 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Le Portel VS Paris-Levalloiss

In the round with No 31 in France (LNB), the game between Le Portel and Paris-Levallois starts at 18:00.

Le Portel News

Today’s hosts have a fairly good morale after the 2 consecutive wins they have won against Le Mans and Gravelines-Dunkerque. They are now in 7th place, but taking into account that the 8th qualifies in the play-off, they are still not sure about the qualification. Although they have won 4 wins in the last 5 matches, they are threatened by those in Lyon who have also managed 3 wins in a row and are in tie with Le Portel.

Le Portel VS Paris-Levallois STATS

In the direct games, the two bands split their victories, Le Portel won the tour with a fairly large margin, while Paris Levallois cashed three years ago in the Cup.

23.12.16 Paris-Levallois vs Le Portel 47 : 62
14.01.14 Le Portel vs Paris-Levallois 71 : 80

Paris-Levallois News

Paris Levallois played in the last round with the Monaco leader and were one step ahead of the victory because they were defeated in overtime after the score after the 4 innings was 75-75. Before the Monaco meeting, they also had 3 games won in a row, but it is true that they only played with teams under them in the championship standings.

03.05.17 Paris-Levallois vs Monaco 85 : 91 (75 : 75)
25.04.17 Orleans vs Paris-Levallois 58 : 78
15.04.17 Paris-Levallois vs Hyeres-Toulon 88 : 84
11.04.17 Paris-Levallois vs Gravelines-Dunkerque 98 : 79

Le Portel VS Paris-Levallois Predictions


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