Differences between horse betting and sports betting

It is not common to see fans of horse racing bet on sports, including basketball and tennis.

On the other side, it is also rare to see a sports betting enthusiast rush to the Quinella. The reason that justifies this distance between the two worlds is fundamentally relative to the principles of the game.

What makes the world of sports bets different from that of horse betting?

We tried to answer this question in this article

1st difference: the odds are not set in the same way

Some major differences are noted in the world of bets, including the odds:

  • In the horse racing universe, odds are set based on bettors’ bets. We talk about mutual betting.
  • In the world of sports betting, the odds are set by the bookmaker, which does not necessarily take into account the total amount of bets or various issues of the game.

The mutual form of sports betting exists under the name of the Betting Exchange. It is very much practiced in Great Britain, but in other countries, it is against the Law. If some countries banned it, it is because of the high probability of addiction of the players to sports betting. In addition, the redistribution rate is not fair with respect to sports betting sites.

Example of horse racing dimension
Consider for example a race involving only 3 horses at the start. With a total bet of € 400 on horse # 1, € 500 on horse # 2 and € 200 on horse # 3 in single winner, the odds are

  • For horse 1, odds = (Horse 2 + horse 3) / horse 1, 700/400, which is 1.75
  • For horse 2, odds = (horse 1 + horse 3) / horse 2, 600/500, which makes 1,2
  • For horse 3, odds = (horse 1 + horse 2) / horse 3, 900/200, which is 4.5

These different odds are arranged by the operator so that he clears his margin. For the horse races, this margin is around 20% of total bets. So the odds calculation is done with 80% of the bets. For example, the calculation will be done with 80% of the 400 € or 320. The value of the rating will then be 700/320, which is 2.18.

Warning: in the world of horse racing, we do not know the final value of the odds of a horse after the race.
This means that :

  • The odds used in your bets are temporary and are significantly different from the final odds. Nevertheless, rest assured that the situation is identical for all bettors. If there are several bettors on this race, you will hardly notice this difference between the values. As for sports betting, the gains take exactly into account the odds under which you bet.
  • You can not bet live in horse racing because of this odds feature. In terms of sports betting, it is rather the direct bets that activate the betting community. The good news is that you can follow live horse racing, despite the impossibility of live betting

Sport betting odds

In the world of sports betting, the bookmaker sets the odds for each match. This is based on:

  • The statistics of each team or player in confrontation, their previous results, their strengths at home or away and many others.
  • The physical shape of the players, which consists of taking stock of injuries, the psychology of each competitor, etc.
  • Weather data
  • Criteria specific to each sport discipline. For example in tennis, the type of ground is taken into account, since some players are more used with some surfaces than others.

Also, the bookmaker conducts objective analyses, clears its margin, then balances the bets. Do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to the calculation of bookmaker odds for more details. (Link la articolul cu setting odds daca se pune pe tipsbetting, daca nu, se sterge ultima propozitie)

In short, we note that horse racing odds are set according to the bets of racers, while at the level of sports betting, it is the bookmakers who decide based on their analysis.

Second difference: in horse racing, we are dealing with animals, while in sport men are competing.

It can not be said that betting on an animal is the same as betting on a man. Some say certainly that animals are more faithful, but in terms of race this thought is not necessarily verified. We often see the failure of good horses in front of their jockey, this for several reasons:

  • They are afraid at the time of departure or they simply refuse to obey their master or they take a bad start
  • They leave the race track or refuse to cross an obstacle
  • They hurt themselves and become non-starters, which defeats the predictions of several punters

Since animals do not have the same judgmental capacity as men, these situations are common and understandable.
But the man does not answer either to all the expectations. Bettors may be taken aback by certain events they could not foresee. As an example, we still remember Zidane’s kick in the final of the World Cup, which greatly influenced this match where everyone gave France as the favourite. On the other hand, athletes sometimes make a bad start and miss their races. It can be said that the unforeseen is on both sides.
In addition, there are certain equestrian disciplines that combine the performances of animals and humans. This is the case for example polo. Perhaps it is this complexity that justifies the lack of enthusiasm for this sport and especially the impossibility of making bets.

The elements of analysis common to sports and horse betting

Whatever the type of bets, some elements serve as points of analysis to punters. We distinguish:

  • Statistics of their previous meetings
  • The advantageous conditions or not of sportsmen or horses
  • Their physical state
  • Weather

Looking more closely at some of the specific analysis elements related to sports, there are significant similarities with horse races.
Finally, it is essential to regularly check the information issued by the press, to be better informed before wagering whether in sports or for horse racing.

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