Germany VS Spain (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Germany VS Spain (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Germany VS Spain (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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September 12, 2017 17:45 -
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After the 1/8 finals, more on the Eurobasket we do not have any national teams whose country hosted the tournament, and for which Spain is also worthy. Namely, in the 1/8 finals Spain spun Turkey. Now in ¼ finals they are waiting for Germany, with which they played 12 times in the European championships and scored 10 victories and two defeats.

Germany News

Germany was on the last EP, although it hosted a group, with a minimal defeat in Berlin from Spain (76:77) after the group stage, which was a great surprise and a reason to forgive the legendary Nowitzki from the national team. Now Schroeder’s leader, who has 26 points, seven assists and six rebounds was the best in that defeat two years ago.

Schroeder was 23.2 points and second best scorer of the entire tournament, and was excellent in the 1/8 final against France’s favor (84:81). He scored 21 points for the win, eight assists and four rebounds, but with 22 points and seven rebounds, Theis was the best. The Germans, whenever they won the EP, won a medal. So in 1993 they were golden in Germany, and in 2005 in Belgrade (Serbia) they were silvery.

The probable initial composition of Germany: Schroeder, Tadda, Benzing, Barthel, Voigtmann

Germany VS Spain STATS

Spain scored 87 points averaging the fourth, while Germany scored 73.2 points and the 16th most effective team in the tournament. However, with 44.7 rebounds, Spain is the best-ever jumping team, while Germany has 33.8 jumps in the 15th place. The Spaniards with 24, 5 assists are also the best, and the Germans are 21 and they record only 15.5 assists. However, what statistics can not show is the aggression and persistence demonstrated by Germans, and we are tipping the handicap to Germany.

Spain News

Spain defends the title of the championship, and the way they play the tournament, regardless of the absence of some important players and the injury to Abrines in the tournament, suggests they are again the biggest favorites for gold. They showed it in the weak group C (the only ones in that group went to the ¼ finale-op.a.), Where they achieved all the victories. In the 1/8 finals against Turkey, although rebellious and fanatical hosts resumed for a long time, they did not drop out of leadership. The Turks calmed down the “troika” and celebrated with 73:56.

The Spaniards have the best balanced team and play as much as they need to win. This is confirmed by the fact that they are not among the top 10 scorers, and their best scorer P. Gasol with 13 points per game. That’s why Rodriguez with 6.8 assists is third assistant and P. Gasol with 8.2 points and G. Hernangomez with 7.2 rebounds ninth jumper. Gasol brothers are among the top ten blockers – Marc is third with 1.7, and Pau fifth with 1.4 blocks.

Probable starting lineup of Spain: Rodriguez, Rubio, San Emeterio, P. Gasol, G. Hernangomez

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