Florida Panthers VS St. Louis Blues (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Florida Panthers VS St. Louis Blues (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Florida Panthers VS St. Louis Blues (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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October 12, 2017 23:30 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Florida Panthers VS St. Louis Blues

After four rounds, the Blues team is leading the table in the Western Conference, while Florida has played only two games in the previous part of the championship. Both times the power was measured with Tampa Bay Lightning and recorded a half-life. They are currently in the lower part of the table, but it should be said that they have a match less than other Eastern Conference teams.

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Last year Florida ended in the 13th place of the Eastern Conference and were far from playing. Therefore, the main goal of this year is to play the game-off, but since they have not invested heavily in the players, it is certain that they will not have any easy task at all. Although Panthers players provided good batches during the preparation period, the new season began with a guest defeat against Tampa Bay Lightning. It was a good and efficient game where the home team celebrated 5: 3. Although the guests scored as many as three goals, it was not enough for them to get a favorable result.

And the next meeting Florida played against Lightning, but this time on the ground. Similar to the first match, so in this match, the home team lost 0: 2 in the beginning. However, they played much better in the game so they managed to reverse the result and in the end they celebrated the victory of 5: 3. They played excellently the third third where they scored three goals and broke the opponent. What is noticeable in the first two rounds of the new season is that the Panthers play well in the attack, but they receive a lot of goals. In the continuation of the championship they will have to repair the defense if they want to be among the top eight teams of the conference.

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Both teams are attacking and in this game we can expect a lot of goals. Florida does not take care of the defense and it could cost them in a duel against Blues who play great at the start of the championship. With Chicago and Toronto, they are the most effective team in the league and if they repeat the game from previous matches, then they should not have a problem with Florida.

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Blues, on the eve of the new season, reinforced the offensive part of the team by bringing Braydena Schenna from Philadelphia to their ranks in return for Jori Lehter. This season, he is most expected from Vladimir Tarasenko who finished last year with 39 goals scored. The blues opened the championship in a great way. In the first round they won the current champions, and on the visiting court after the extra time 4: 5. Pietrangelo scored the winning goal in the first minute of the extra time. The first match against the home crowd played against Dallas and won again, this time 4: 2.

The Blues players’ winning series continued in the third round when they were away from the New York Islanders after a penalty of 2: 3. Double-blind for Blues in this match was Tarasenko, who was also sure when he was penalized. And the next game Blues played in New York, this time against Rangers. Goals of Gunnarsson, Schenna and Schwartz, St. Louis Blues have reached their fourth victory in the same number of games played. Rangers managed to score only one goal through Zibaneade.

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