Denmark vs Hungary (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Denmark vs Hungary (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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January 13, 2018 19:30 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Denmark vs Hungary

Two teams that are regularly on big competitions, but it can be said that Denmark is much more successful, although, for example, Hungarians played in the quarter-finals last year’s World Cup in France, after they just eliminated Denmark 27:25. Two years ago, in Poland, both selections were defeated in Poland, especially Hungary, which ended only at the 12th, while the Danes were the sixth. They met these two teams and in the qualifications for this championship and the match in Hungary ended with a result of 25:25, while Denmark in the field celebrated with a convincing 35:27.

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Denmark is a handball superpower and for every big competition this team comes to win the gold medal so it is this time, although somehow these times do not give them too much chance. Perhaps this is better for them, as pressure decreases and they can calmly route their way to the finish, and given the strength and above all the experience of this selection, the semifinals are the least that satisfies them.

It must not be forgotten that Denmark is the current Olympic rider in Rio in 2016, but also that they have defeated the last EP in Poland when they ended up in a modest sixth place. They have two golds from Europe, but they do not have world gold and last year in France they dropped in the eighth finals. They played a lot of good preparation matches and they even defeated France without the first star of M.Hansen, who was bothered by minor injuries, but should now play.

The probable initial composition of Denmark: N.Landin, Mortensen, M.Hansen, Lauge Schmidt, Kirkelokke, Lindberg, H.Toft Hansen

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It is always in the matches of these rivals the favor of Denmark’s selection, so it is now, but it can happen that Hungary is surprised, or at least provides good resistance, and we just expect something similar. The first star of Denmark has problems, and the first Hungarian “violin” is in a top form and could therefore be somewhat uncertain.

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Hungarians are one of those national teams that in no way can they make a step forward at the big competitions and come at least to the semifinals. They regularly have ambitions to be at the very top, but this ends with either a modest placement, or even a real debacle. In recent years, Hungary has been constantly present on the EP, however, the best result is the sixth place, and they have done so long ago. After two successive eighth places, two years ago in Poland it was debilitating and only 12th place in the end.

Last year, at the World Cup in France, they managed to make a surprise in the eighth finals, when they defeated Denmark and somehow opened their way to good placement, but lost in Norway in the quarterfinals and everything went down again. It was also the last big competition for some of the older players and there is no longer L.Nagya, who for many years has been a trademark of this selection, but not the goalkeeper Fazekas and the pig Zubaia. They have a much younger selection and they hope that the left-hand Bodo, or pivot Banhidi, can “explode” in this competition, with the biggest hopes being placed in the middle exterior Lekaia, which has a great season.

Probable initial composition of Hungary: Mikler, Fekete, Bodo, Lekai, Balogh, Hornyak, Banhidi

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