CSU Suceava VS Steaua BETTING TIPS (20-05-2017)
CSU Suceava VS Steaua  BETTING TIPS (20-05-2017)

CSU Suceava VS Steaua BETTING TIPS (20-05-2017)

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May 20, 2017 15:00 -
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CSU Suceava and Steaua Bucharest are in a different position ahead of the straight match of the 8th round of the Zimbru Men’s Handball play-out. The hosts have come to the bar after the last results, while Steaua can breathe easily at the end of this season, after having already secured the 1st place.

CSU Suceava News

CSU Suceava succumbed to Satu Mare in play-out, so now it’s shaking all the wrists on this season’s end. Adrian Chiruţ’s team is the first under the line, but is still at the hands of his own results to avoid the barrage tournament. At this point CSU has a lower point than Focsani, but also a less played match. With three wins in the last three games with Steaua, Focsani and Satu Mare, Suceava can make plans for the next season in the Zimbru League. In principle, the hosts will have the whole lot available for this capital game, even if some handball players feel some contusions.

CSU Suceava VS Steaua STATS

Hosts are under great pressure, and mobilization to the extent. The CSU also appealed to the public to come to support the team. Even if he does not cross the best period, Suceava is able to defeat Steaua, and managed to do so in the regular season (21-19) in March.

Steaua News

Steaua Bucharest had a bluffing path in the play-out, with six as many victories as possible. Most of the games were won, with the biggest difference being recorded in the Suceava tour, 39-27. Ovidiu Mihăilă’s team is now an arbiter in the fight to avoid the barrage tournament, after this match they will meet home and CSM Focşani. Steaua went all the way to Suceava, except Andrei Grasu, who suffered a more serious injury some time ago.

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