Cibona VS Cedevita BETTING TIPS (17-05-2017)
Cibona VS Cedevita  BETTING TIPS (17-05-2017)

Cibona VS Cedevita BETTING TIPS (17-05-2017)

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May 17, 2017 18:00 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Cibona VS Cedevita

After 2011, with 2-0 in the Cedevita final in the playoff finale, Cibona and Cedevita met all of the last five finals of the Croatian play-off. Cibona got two, but Cedevita got the last three finals, where he lost only one game two seasons ago

Cibona News

The Croatian ABA League for the first time this season had to play a regular part of the Croatian Championship, where Cibona finished fourth with a 20-6 ratio. For the first time in the history, Cibosi played in the quarterfinals against Zadar and kicked them off with 2-1. In the semifinal they were not so convincing, but still clean 2-0, eliminating the leaders from the regular part of the GCC Šibenik, against which they had no advantage of the domestic field.

Reynolds, with no score, came with 70:67, and the best was Zoric with 22 points and six rebounds. Šakić was statistically the best with 18 points and eight rebounds. Šakić dominated in return in Zagreb when he scored 22 points and scored 15 rebounds. The young center Gospić recovered and began to play, but Sulejmanovic did not play any playoff match.

Believing initial composition of Cibona: Reynolds, Bošnjak, Rozic, Žorić, Šakić

Cibona VS Cedevita STATS

Cedevita was up last year’s final won by a convincing 3-0, this season, won three of four mutual challenge, but Cibona won last at home in the Croatian Championship.

Cedevita News

Cedevita is a regular part ended just as the sixth, with a ratio of 18-8, which in both previous stage had home-field advantage. However, Sibenik Jolly in the quarter-finals and semi-finals in Split eliminated with a convincing 2-0, and then won the final. Although Boagtriht, James and Babic did not play a single game in the playoffs, and the injured were and Begic and Shurna, objectively are still the best toys.

This was confirmed by the semi-final against Split at home (97:78), who are at home to get a home even uvjerljivije- 82:52. Statistics in the last match was the best Bilan with 15 points, 11 rebounds and three assists, but is most effective and the most memorable was the impression left young Musa. Musa scored 24 points, while shooting for two points and 6-7 three-point 4-5. Boagtriht and Begic recovered and able to play in the first match.

Probable composition Cedevite Katić Thomas, Kruslin Žganec, Accumulated

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