Canada W VS Argentina W ( BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Canada W VS Argentina W ( BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Canada W VS Argentina W ( BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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August 13, 2017 23:35 -
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PREVIEW & TIPS FOR Canada W VS Argentina W

We did not have any surprises in the semifinals, as we did not have throughout the competition, Canada and Argentina going to fight for the trophy, while Puerto Rico and Brazil have to fight for 3rd place, which ensures their qualification in the Championship Worldwide in Spain.

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Canada is the winner of the last four editions of the competition and reached this year for the sixth consecutive time in the final. Canada is at a different level from the opponents here, the lack of the United States making the tour much more unattractive to ordinary viewers. In the five games played here, the team coached by Lisa Thomaidis and James Baur had an average of 79 points scored on the match, as the girls did not seem to force them for a moment. With a lot of players in the most important championships in the world, Canadians crossed Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Paraguay and the Brazilian semifinals, and now awaits the final with Argentina as the big favorite. All North American players are well above the level of competition, but we can also remember Nira Fields with an average of 16 pct / match or Ruth Hamblin with 7 rebounds per match. The team is largely the same as the one who triumphed two years ago, and the then MVP, Kia Nurse, was selected.

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Although the enthusiasm is high in Buenos Aires, the difference between teams is great in favor of Canada and gives them no chance for the hosts. In the only match he took seriously, Canada beat Brazil at 39 points in the semifinals, but being a final we expect Argentina to try everything to have a chance.

Argentina W News

Argentina was very close to kicking everything she had done so far, but eventually managed to withstand the Puerto Rican in the last quarter and managed to qualify for the final. After the group’s enthusiastic victories at least 18 points difference, with the Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil, the limits of the team led by Christian Santander were seen in the first match with a higher selected. Relying mainly on domestic champions, complemented by Italy or even Canada, the Argentine band is close to a great performance for South American basketball, right in front of their supporters. Argentina had an average of 75 points on the match in the group but in the semifinals it managed to score only 48. The most prolific players in the tournament were Melissa Gretter with an average of 14.2 pct / Agostina Burani, who fought almost alone in the semi-finals, scored 26 of the 48 points of the team, to which 12 rebounds were added.

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