Banvit VS Tofas (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™
Banvit VS Tofas (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

Banvit VS Tofas (BETTING TIPS, Match Preview & Expert Analysis )™

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November 11, 2017 12:15 -
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In the derby of the 6th Turkish Superliga (BSL), the seven-seater Banvit (3-2) and the unexpected leader are the only unbeaten team, Tofas (5-0). Both teams lost their guests on the Euro-Scene this week, and last season they both got home matches.

Banvit News

Banvit is the power of the Superkupo sword gesture at the pre-season of the Fenerbahce, upisao and two uvodna poraza at BSL- gostima code Fenera te kod kuće from Eskisehira, or take the back three swords. I have been suffering from Demira and Yesilgiresuna, and from Trabzon, I do not care about the equipments of the table, but there are no more than three triumphs. Pogot’s top two swords are home to the FIBA ​​Lige champion, with the coyote going through the year of the final, the igrali without Odoma.

With 16.7 hours off, the pet jumps as well as the two first-time assistants, and the two-year-old is just Taylor with 12.4 poena the sword. It is obvious that they have found a lot of fools about Theodore, Korkmaza, Orelika … what do you think about the championship FIBA ​​League championship defeated by Ross Radom (48:49) at the FIBA ​​Championship? Bio is also the first triumph of Polish equipments, and Banvit is not the only one in the world. Thomas is the most influential bio with nine poena.

Banjita: Taylor, Rautins, Gecim, Colairo, Vidmar

Banvit VS Tofas STATS

Banvit has an average of 71.6 points per match in the 15th, but with 72.2 points received the third best defense of BSL. For them to be attacked, the fact that 13.4 of the assistance is the weakest is evidenced. Tofas, who last season in Bandirmi only tossed into the extension, scored 88.2 points, making them the fourth most efficient team to receive 77.6 points. The attackers are very powerful, and in the last eight matches they scored more than 80 points. We type a handicap on Tofas.

Tofas News

Tofas was over, the retirement season at BSL was only eight with a 15-15 ratio and dropped into the final fixture of the Champions League (0-2), but all of them were pleasantly surprised. They are still undefeated, and in the back they got home to Istanbul with 89:85. The most effective was 20 points Crocker, Ermis had 19, and Morgan 15 points and 10 rebounds. Mejia, who just came from Banvita two years ago and returned them to BSL, averaged 16.6 points, 6.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists, and was statistically the best in the BSL (21.4 index).

They also played brilliantly in the debut season of Evrocup, but after three consecutive wins and seven consecutive wins in both competitions, they were defeated at the Russian Zenit at 82:84 in the final round, although they had five players with double count points (Morgan 17, Owens 14, Kulig 11, Mejia and Ermis 10). With the 3-2 ratio they are the second in the group and it is realistic to go further. Morgan has 17.8 points, six rebounds and two assists best in Eurocup, where Crocker scores 15.5 points.

Probable startup of Tofas: Ermis, Mejia, Crocker, Morgan, Owens

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