ACS Poli Timisoara vs Pandurii Targu Jiu – 14.07.2015

ACS Poli Timisoara vs Pandurii Targu JiuACS Poli Timisoara vs Pandurii Targu Jiu, First League starters.

After a year, Poli Timisoara has been promoted in the first League and they seem to be in a great mood, hoping to start their campaign with a victory even if a draw would do just fine. It will be a hard task, considering their opponents increased their value considerably, in comparison to a year ago. Poli Timisoara`s coach Dan Alexa, declared a while back that he has great consideration for Edi Iordanescu, Pandurii`s coach and he also mentioned some important players Pandurii have acquired meanwhile and some they alredy had like Răduţ, Roman or Hora, an international key player.

Poli Timisoara have two injured players, midfielder Catalin Doman and forward Pedro Henrique, they will have to do without them. The club has also some new, over the summer, assets, international players some of them, like goalkeeper Sascha Kirschstein, Germany, FC Erzgebirg Aue, Miodrag Todorov, Daniel Popescu, quarterback Otelul Galati, Ianis Zicu, attacking midfielder of ASA FSM Targu Mures, and so on. As some came, some left, like Silviu Balace, Vlad Dragomir, Cristian Boldea and others.

As for Pandurii Targu Jiu, they are in a good shape given the fact that the Club has been preparing in Holland and it seems that left them dreaming of the Europeans, more now than ever, considering they`ve reinforced their football batch. But for the match today and maybe the next future fixtures, Pandurii have some missing players, pretty important figures like right full-back Marian Pleasca, Nikola Vasiljević and Paul Anton, due to injuries, goalkeeper Michał Gliwa, midfielder Gezim Shalaj and forward Feiz Shamsin being sent off, and there`s also Wellington who`s in Brazil for personal issues. So it could be a little bit tricky for their performance in this championship.

The favourite team in the match today it`s obviously Pandurii Targu Jiu, considering, among other things, like past result or valuable players, their opponent ACS Poli Timisoara have just been promoted in the first League.

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