Aalborg vs Esbjerg 26.May.2015

Aalborg vs EsbjergAalborg BK versus Esbjerg fB.

It will be the 31th round of the Danish Superliga 2014/2015 when Aalborg will host Esbjerg and the match will take place at the Nordjyske Arena. Beside this encounter, there are three more rounds left to play this year of the Danish Superliga.

Aalborg, seems to have been a disappointment this year`s season of Superliga, and this happened right after winning The Danish Championship and also the Danish Cup last year. They have some problems with the offence, as we saw in their last two games in Superliga, they weren`t able to score at all. Aalborgs play very well and have better performance at home, they won 7 out of 15 matches on home ground. Aalborg are aiming to keep their place on the table, but they will have to improve their technique and confidence issues, right now being really inefficient.

As for Esbjerg are still struggling to increas their scores and stay away of a very possible relegation. In the last ten competitive matches they`ve managed to win only two of them. They are really struggling, and will be motivated, maybe a little desperate, but still, Aalborg should have the chance to score, because Esbjerg have a poor defense.

The Aalborg BK is the favorite today, and would be recommended to go with the home win, they have a better squad, far better results then Esbjerg, even if they had some unstable performance this season, they still have the potential and Esbjerg it`s not a fearsome opponent.

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