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Free Tennis Tips for 09-04-2021.

Bedene A. Fritz T.
Fritz T. WIN @ 1.70
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About our Tennis Tips & Predictions

In a sport as frenetic and fast-paced as tennis, it’s unlikely that you can stay on top of the action for too long. The incredible pacing and unique challenge of the game means that, in an instant, a sure-fire win can turn into a shocking loss. How often do you see a true champion of the sport seemingly in full control of a match, only to throw it on a match point and lose the whole thing?

It’s a common part of what makes tennis such an exemplary and unique experience. For that reason, the power of tennis tips has become so easy to fall in love with for many of our readers. If you are a fan of the court-based sport and want to start getting a bit more in-depth with your betting, then you are in the right place.

Getting the fast, proper results is exactly what you need when you want to start pulling in some kind of tangible benefit. Many people waste huge sums of cash backing the wrong players, or the wrong kind of bet. To help you get around these problems and become more entwined with the world around you, our tennis tips can be just what you need to start making more of those in-game bets.

Thanks to a committed team of tennis writing pros, we can help you stay on top of even the most challenging of matches!

We get asked a lot by newcomers to our service as to what makes our tennis tips worth listening to. There are many places that you can turn to for ideas about the best players to bet on, and the sure-fire matches to come in any upcoming tennis tournament. So, what makes our team such a resourceful and effective unit for you to work with?

What makes us the right choice for you to invest your time, hope and money into?

Put simply, we don’t just get people in who love the sport and offer mere predictions. We get people in who love tennis, who love the competitive nature of the sport, and who follow it with passion. Best of all, they put their money where their mouths are: the tips we provide are the same ones that our writers will be backing.

Our tips are based on more than what can bring in the big fees, or what would be deemed to be controversial. We look to find tips that are based on not only the swing of the sport and the information we can find across the professional game: it’s based on long-term understanding, passion and appreciation of the sport.

So we aren’t just offering takes from passionate fans or giving you the insight of a win-big gambler: we are looking to give you an insight into the mind-set of people who bet on tennis with regularity, using knowledge of both tennis and betting to make success as likely as it can be.

One thing that we never do with our tennis tips is just pick out the favourites. We look a little more at the details that might not get the same kind of airtime. We’ll try and avoid boring people with excessive analysis about players or what might come to pass on game-day, but we’ll use what we learn elsewhere to inform ourselves of more than just the average. We’re looking at everything from serve accuracy to break points: we want to look at more than just the recent run of form of any one player.

In fact, we detest the idea of just offering you a “he/she’s better” approach to tennis betting. We’d rather that you come away with a series of decent bets that have a solid grounding of ideal behind why each person has been picked. Rather than just offering you the basics, we’ll look to try and find both good value odds to target as well as discuss what kind of levellers could take place.

Do they play better on clay or grass? What kind of humidity do they perform best at? How do they shape up against the kind of opponent they are up against?

We aren’t prophets, but we are passionate tennis fans and dedicated betters who know what to look for when you want to make more realistic, intelligent betting decisions.

If you are looking to get help understanding rationale about who to go for, then we can provide you with the information that you need. We’ll try and avoid getting lost in the drama and the soap-opera of the sport that can surround the match and instead do our best to concentrate what goes on when the match starts and what the outcome may turn out to be.

So, one thing we get asked a lot by our readers come from the importance of having ‘proper’ tips. After all, on game day does the actual stats and form really matter? How often does the form book even count?

We know this, so it’s why we don’t sell facts or guarantees: we offer insight, opinion and ideas. It’s why our tips are based on more than just “X has won Y matches over Z period” – we want to always try and look a little beyond the things you could find yourself in a matter of seconds.

Instead, we want to try and make sure that the tips you are getting are going to help you become more consistent. Nobody is 100% when it comes to betting, or it would not be a market in the first place. What we try to do, though, is avoid stating the obvious, refrain from covering the same old, same old, and making predictions based on how much they could win you rather than how likely we see it being.

Our aim is to help you learn how to understand the importance of tennis tips that are built on more than just bookies odds and the personality of the player themselves.