Free Betting Tips for 12-01-2017

Sevilla logo Sevilla Real Madrid logo Real Madrid
x @ 3.50
Eibar logo Eibar Osasuna logo Osasuna
1 @ 1.55
Celta Vigo logo Celta Vigo Valencia logo Valencia
1 @ 1.85
Academica logo Academica Olhanense logo Olhanense
1 @ 1.62
AC Milan logo AC Milan Torino logo Torino
2 @ 2.10
Reading logo Reading QPR logo QPR
1 @ 1.83

Free Betting Tips & Football Predictions

Before a sports event takes place, the sports authorities usually examine the ground. They examine whether the ground is conducive for the players. For a cricket event, they examine whether the ground is favorable for the batsmen or bowlers. They provide tips to the players to play effectively. They usually follow a scientific method for performing predictions They calculate the ‘percentage of probability’ of winning the game.

They calculate the ‘winning chances’ for every team. They find out, which of the two teams may probably win. Their predictions are not based upon any subjective theory. They usually follow a statistical method for determining the chance for winning the game. Today, many people place a bet online and hence they should decide the amount to deposit. They decide to deposit an amount based upon the results of predictions.

They also perform predictions, based on the condition of the ground. If the ground is moist, then the bowlers cannot easily throw the ball. They may frequently throw ‘wide balls’. The ball cannot bounce easily. If the ground is too dry, then batsmen may not hit ‘fours’ or ‘sixes’ easily. If the pitch is very dry, then spinners can have a good time. When the authorities perform predictions, the sportsmen receive proper information about the condition of land. They can decide the ways to play effectively. Whether also affects the condition of the pitch. During the rainy season, the pitch becomes moist. Hence, bowlers or spinners cannot easily play.

Even the batsmen should play very carefully then because the land becomes very fickle. If the weather is dry and windy, then the fast bowlers can play easily. During the rainy season, when the pitch becomes very wet, the wickets can be produced easily. Hence, the grassroots should be completed trimmed off so that they do not accumulate moisture. In this way, the players can safeguard themselves and play effectively. Even the location of the event affects the condition of the pitch. In Australia, the pitch is dusty, whereas in England the pitch is humid. Hence, in Australia, the fast bowlers can easily throw the ball. But, in England, the pitch is conducive for batsmen. To predict the condition of the pitch, they also consider historical factors. If the pitch was earlier affected by heavy rainfall, then the moisture remains for a longer period.

Even though, the pitch may appear very dry today, but the moisture still affects the players. Today, people are using the medical data analysis method for analyzing the condition of the pitch. They can examine the previous condition of the pitches also. In a game of cricket, prediction method is useful to batsmen, bowlers, wicket keepers, fielders, and the people who are engaged in betting. Even the footballers are benefited by the prediction method. They know whether the ball can easily bounce or not. Similarly, for rugby, baseball, golf etc, the players can know whether they can easily bounce the ball or not. Before, the match actually begins, the authorities perform predictions.